A school assignment where the goal was to create our first prototype website, based on “design for good”.

When i started my research i found out that there was 62 million girls in the word, who did not go to school. Education is a human right, how come such a large amount of young girls, are not getting equal oppurtunities as their male friends?

I quickly found out, that a huge amount of girls all over the world, never go back to school after getting their period. Others missed out on school for weeks every year, cause of their period. There are so many cultural myths around periods. Like in Bolivia, where girls have to carry their used pads around, cause throwing them in the trash is belived spreading cancer.

So, let’s educate theese girls about their bodies and give them a long-term sollution that will help them keep their periods to them self. Being able to be equal, participate in sports and education.


Even though we live in Norway, there’s a tabu around the period. So how can i bring the problem to the surface? How can i engage women in Norway to help theese young girls?


By selling a product, that will actually benefit your health, your wallet and the enviorment. while at the same time help a girl in bolivia go back to school for up to 10 years and educate her about her body. To create a long-term sollution that will benefit generations.

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