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“Redesign of “Oslo musikkfest” and development of concept and strategy. Keep the existing name, but create a new visual identity for the festival. The redesign should include; Concept, Logo, Fonts, Colors, 5-element

“oslo musikkfest” is an annual music festival in Oslo, it’s an open festival that are arranged by “Oslo Kommune” and the musicians of Oslo, this is a free event with over 500 acts on over 50 scens around all of Oslo. “Musikkfest” have been arranged for 27 years. The festival is in a true “oslo spirit” supporting the community and culture, bringing love and sunshine through music.


“From the people of music, to the people” To create a concept, that would give the artist (that play and arrange this event for free) a strong identity, that would reflect the core of this event through the core of Oslo.  Oslo is a city focusing on its citizens, traditions /history, the community, the enviorment, the culture and diversity. I wanted to create something that would be balancing, on typography and color, to reach out to ass many people as possible, in a broad targeted audience.

The colors are based on theese grounds and are trying to lift the tradition through a classic white/yellow color, with a timeless “roboto font” , colors are represented by community, enviroment and the famous hashtag #oslove.

The logo are the end of the word “OSLOVE”, combining the “V” and “E” making a “digital heart”. Wich is symbolic for Oslos citizens, and the way they share and care for the comuunity and eachother.